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August 10th – Looking For Furniture!

Matt and I went to IKEA today with our game faces on!
We went through the store carefully considering any piece of furniture we may need for the house. I took pictures of the tags and the furniture while Matt wrote down on notecards for each room the name of the piece and price.
Except for a couch, we think we can get everything at IKEA. We did not find a couch we liked there in our desired price range. Plus, I think we need a couch with a pull-out bed for functionality. We think our best bet is to keep popping into other furniture stores and check their clearance items for this couch.
It looks like we can furnish the whole house wellfor just under $2,000 by my initial estimate of what Matt and I liked and thought we needed. Not too bad. I think Heather spent $3,000 furnishing her living room alone.
I really hope Matt gets a phone call early this week. Either another interview or a job offer. That would give me so much piece of mind. And u think it will take a huge burden off of Matt’s shoulders. Which have become rather buff, by the way. ­čĺ¬
After lunch Matt and I went to a clinic about my cough. My terrible sore throat which turned into a cold with Niagara Falls pouring from face has now developed into a deep cough with some rattling in my lungs. Oh, and my breath smells like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. Yuck.
The doctor though I had a virus and potentially some bacteria. She gave me a steroid to help the bacteria and keep this from turning into bronchitis or pneumonia. Let’s face it; that is the last thing I need this summer.


July 27th – IKEA!

I am exhausted. Strangely, I did not sleep well last night. Neither did Matt. He had to grab a second cup of coffee at church.
Matt and I looked at furniture at IKEA. Grandma is looking at purchasing her neighbor’s house at an auction in two weeks. She wants it to protect the farm and for a starter home for Matt and I.
We do not have a lot of money between the two of us. But luckily, this house is only two bedrooms and one bathroom. I think we can modestly furnish the house for under a thousand dollars.
Which is great because we are essentially broke.

January 2nd – Introducing Me

I forgot to add this picture yesterday, but here you can see my new desk, desk chair, and lamp from Ikea. It is the perfect workspace for someone who already spends much of her day at a desk.


I have not spent much time introducing myself to everyone. My name is Ashley and I am 23 years old. I live in a small, rural town in Ohio. I graduated high school with a class that boasted 121 graduates in 2008. I was one of only two people in my class to leave the state to go to college. I attended college ten hours away from home in the state of North Carolina. In December 2012 I graduated with a B.S. in Accounting and a Concentration in PGA Professional Golf Management.

That’s right.

I’m a PGA Golf Professional.

No, that does not mean I play on the LPGA Tour.

Or the PGA Tour.

It means that I am a professional athlete who is trained to not only play the game, but to run businesses and bring the game to amateurs. I usually work at private country clubs where I do everything from running outings and leagues, teaching lessons, giving group clinics, managing the golf course operations, cleaning golf carts, making tee times, checking pace of play, running the golf shop, buying merchandise for the golf shop, placing special orders for golf clubs, fitting people for golf clubs, and talking for twenty minutes at a time to members who have no plans on playing that day, but want to know what is going on in the shop that day.

Because I chose to come back home after graduation I only work in the golf industry seasonally. I have many classmates though who follow the snowbird migration every year and are currently putting their feet up by the pool with a ice cold drink in their hand. For the cold six months of the year I work for my dad’s accounting business preparing income taxes.

So far the set up has been great for me. I have my high-paying desk job were I can avoid most people, and I have my low-paying job where I work outside and am around people nearly 24-7.

I also live with my parents. The accounting office is literally next door, so I have an awesome commute for six months of the year. And no rent. That’s probably the best part about living with my parents.

I attend church every Sunday morning with Matt. Most of the time we go to his church because he is in the Praise Team and he is the Adult Choir director. But we try to get to my church one Sunday a month.

Going to church together is very important to Matt and I. It is a big part of our relationship. We try our very best to live with God as the center of our lives and we strive to love and grow in His love.

Matt lives in a suburban area in Pennsylvania. We live an hour and fifteen minutes apart from each other. We usually can meet up halfway one night a week for a date and then we spent all of Sunday together. Sometimes it can become frustrating because it seems like we will forever be meeting halfway to see each other. But we know that we are in a good place right now and someday it won’t be like this. Everything is in God’s perfect timing.

That’s a good start on an introduction. About today I only have to report that I worked at the office. I have been spending the last two weeks straightening out client bookwork and getting ready for the upcoming tax season.

Until tomorrow!