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December 7th – Getting Down to Business

My name is Ashley and I used to write decent blog posts.
I came back home at a better hour than I normally do. The last month has been a whirlwind!
Matt has been living ten minutes away from me for the last month. We have seen each other every day! These are the ways in which this move has changed us:
1) Less sleep! I stay at the “Honeymoon Cottage” until after ten every night. Matt is still adjusting to a new home and is paranoid about oversleeping. But luckily for Matt he is finding he can function just fine on only six hours of sleep.
I, on the other hand, neaely fell asleep at lunch after consuming two cups of tea and four cups of coffee this morning. Hence, why I am home earlier tonight.
2) Grocery Shopping and Eating. This is the only place where Matt and I have differences of opinion. He wants to do the majority of the grocery shopping at the two cheapest stores he knows every week. I would normally agree with his philosophy. But said stores are a half hour drive away. I believe in buying our groceries every two weeks at those stores sans guitar, vegetables, and meat products and purchasing those nearby as needed.
I think this will be a dance between us that will take some time before we start to find a pattern that is natural to us.
Matt and I eat every meal together except breakfast during the week and lunch during work hours. And I am pretty sure we are bothgaining weight! So this week I am going to make an extra effort to cut down on side dishes.
3) Our Relationship. We get to talk about every little thing that crosses our minds outside of work. The result is we have become so open and laid-back. I wish I had an example, but this late at night none come to mind. Our communication was good before. But now it is excellent!
I cannot help but wonder what will come in the months ahead until the wedding. And I wonder how our relationship will change again after we are married. This is certainly a ride, but I would not do this with anyone else by my side.


November 8th – Honeymoon Cottage

Matt and I have been working on the house for three days now. The kitchen is now semi-usable. The dishwasher needs cleaned, walls painted, curtains, and a table and we will be all set for guests!
Seriously, we have worked our little butts off. My hands are so dry from all the cleaning chemicals and Matt’s soap of choice.
Tomorrow Matt, Larry, and I are playing “You Raise Me Up” in church. Larry will be in the piano, Matt singing, and I will play my violin. This is a surprise for Lisa. She loves this song and has always wanted Matt to sing it.
Lisa is throwing us a “small” engagement party tomorrow. A lot of it has been kept under wraps from Matt and I. But it appears a lot of people know about it.
I worry about Matt. I think tomorrow it is really going to hit him he is moved out. To be honest, it still has not sunk in for me yet. Part of me still thinks he will disappear back to Pennsylvania.

October 28 – The Struggle

Good news! Matt got a job offer today! But it will not be easy.
It is 40 minutes away from the house and pays $8 the first four weeks and then $10 after that if Matt chooses to work 40 hours six days a week.
Now that we have an offer on the table we see things will not be as easy as we had thought.
Matt is having a tough time. He is carrying everything on his shoulders. He wishes he could get a job offer that would allow him to support both of us.
But what we have is an offer that will not quite support himself. Especially those first four weeks. Matt is terrified to fail.
But he is not in this alone. This job is doable and has the best future potential of any job he has interviewed for in the last six months.
He does not have to start off finding the perfect job. This is just the start.
I know he does not want to, but he will need to let me help him to get him through this. We are a team. That is what marriage is about.

October 27th – Hope!

Matt has been hired to teach music lessons in Canton part time! It is not much, but it is s start. He also has an interview for a very good call center tomorrow.
I had my section meeting today. It was interesting. These are now my best connection to the profession golf world. I am quite isolated otherwise. It makes these meetings so much more important.
I am exhausted. And my heart has been giving me trouble the last half hour.
My doctor’s appointment is tomorrow. I am not really sure what I am going to say.
“Hi! Yeah, my heart has been feeling funny lately…”
I need to remember my heart is “feeling funny” on average six days a week. That is cause for alarm.

October 26th – Heather’s Shower

For once, instead of attending a social event I wish I could have stayed home. Even if staying home meant helping Dad chop and stack wood.
Heather’s shower was boring. The food consisted of sandwich meats, tiny dinner rolls, cheese, crackers, fruit, and a veggie tray. Hardly filling compared to the wonderful chili Mom made for Dad and the boys.
Then Heather and Melissa spoke so softly no one could hear them.
It was boring. Even for a shower it was boring.
Matt and I are all kinds of stresses out right now. And my sisters make everything worse. Matt needs to make more copies of his resume. I will be gone early in the morning for my section meeting. Heather will be at the office early, but she locks the door until nine and will be ticked to have to unlock it for Matt. I am about ready to rip her a new one.
I feel once Matt and I are moved into the house with jobs everything will be alright. No one to bother is. The bills will be paid without too much worry. We can throughly enjoy each other’s company for once (innuendo intended!).
I am sure it will not turn out like that. In my mind all of this will be done in six months. But it hardly seems realistic.

October 23rd – A Good Day

Today has been nice. Matt is back. He spent the afternoon at the office working on his resume and searching for jobs while I work.
Surprisingly we get a lot done when we are working in such close proximity to each other. We can better concentrate on our own tasks when we are working together.
We went to the house tonight to talk to my grandparents. They pointed out the things we can do that will really help them out. Now we can go over at any time and get some things done at the house. Hopefully Matt will start moving in very soon!